“I will restore to you the years which the swarming locust has eaten . . . You shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied.” Joel 2:25, 26

Welcome to my website, featuring the Standout Stories of many authors!

Who doesn’t love stories about 2nd chances?

Consider the outcast who finally finds acceptance.

Consider the guy who loses the girl, then wins her love.

Consider those who face failures and unsurmountable hurdles, then finally succeed.

Consider missed opportunities, wasted years of being plagued by fear, bitterness, or addictions that consume the days, like locusts in a field.

We all want a replay of something in our lives.

We all crave redemption.

I love stories that bring these situations to life. I love reading them. I love writing them.

Join me for a harvest of books that thrive in both sunshine and rain, defying storms, deepening roots, ever growing, reaching for light.

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“A book, fitly chosen, is a lifelong friend that pours its heart into ours.”

— Douglas Jerrold

Hi, I’m Laura, and I’ve discovered many such companions. This website is a place to share them with you.

Stories have been my friend since my mother read me fairytales and Bible stories at bedtime. I embraced chapter books, Newbery winners, classics, and contemporary fiction through school years, college, and beyond. 

As a teacher, I had the privilege of introducing students to literature as well as to art and writing. Coming full circle, I relived childhood while reading both familiar and new tales to my own children. Now I’m back delving into “grownup” novels with a voracious appetite. 

Join me on this reading journey as I introduce Standout Stories that may possibly become your own lifelong companions.


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